Half Day education

Half day sessions are only practical and start at 13:00 and finish at 16:30
The half day sessions include coffee, tea, water and the price is € 125,00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants

There are currently no sessions planned, below is an overview of which sessions are possible.
Do you have questions or do you want more information? Please contact Phil..


How to hit the Perfect Pitch
• What do we look at that’s different to the swing?
• Understand the basic mechanics.
• Flight and spin control.

Perfect your Putting
• The importance of the set up.
• The Grip, The Stance (Correct balance), Ball position, Hand Start position, Eye Line.
• Green reading and distance control.
• Scoring game tests.

Short Game System (shots around the Green)
• Detailed shots around the green.
• Understand the mechanics in various shots and flights.
• Understand the delivery aspects for flight and spin control.
• Choose the correct tools for the job.

Short Game System (Green side Bunker Play)
• The concept of the basic bunker shot.
• Bunker shots around the green.
• Club head aim and shaft lean and shaft height.
• Swing/motion.
• Choose the correct tools for the job. Use the correct club for the required shot.
• Ball flights (Low, high, and standard)
• How to move the sand for different flights.

Body types and matching the swing
• The purpose of the Body swing connections.
• Physical and technical abilities are as one!
• Ensure the player stays injury free you must build a swing that fits the body.
• Develop a swing that doesn’t need too much practice and the swing need to fit the body.
   If the swing doesn’t fit the body, then injuries will occur.
   To be successful under pressure you must build a swing and mind that must be repetitive under pressure.
• Keep the body fuelled to enhance concentration and performance.
• Bio Swing measurements.
• How to measure and match the swing.
• Adjustments in set up. The various grip types.
• Static and Dynamic balance.
• Ball flights.

Do you have questions or do you want more information? Please contact Phil.


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