2-Day education

All education days start with the theoretical explanations and followed by a practical session.
The full day sessions start at 10:00 and finish at 16:30.
All days include coffee, tea, water and lunch and the price is € 495,00 per person.
This includes playing 9 holes at The Dutch. Maximum of 12 participants.

09 and 10 June 2022 • Secrets of the Short game:
Understand Phil's short game system. Club aim, Shaft lean, Shaft height, ball position.

Day 1:
• Detailed shots around the green.
• Importance of the set up.
• Understand the mechanics in various shots and flights.
• Understand the delivery aspects for flight and spin control.
• Choose the correct tools for the job.
• Understand the design of the wedge.

Day 2:
• The concept of the basic bunker shot, different technique for higher handicap?
• Bunker shots around the green.
• The importance of the set up.
• The importance of the grip.
• Club head aim and shaft lean and shaft height.
• Swing/motion.
• Choose the correct tools for the job. Use the correct club for the required shot.
• Playing speciality shots, the set up for different situations.
• Ball flights (Low, high, and standard)
• How to move the sand for different flights.
• Play with your new skills on the golf course.
Location: The Dutch

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09 and 10 June 2022

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